Purpose: We buy, sell and lease homes to help ordinary people meet their needs and pursue their dreams!
Our #1 Goal in buying your home is to help you Solve your problem FIRST!


Inheritances • Foreclosure • Repair Problems

Rough House Home Buyers is a Subsidiary of J.H. Properties, Inc.
For over 12 years we have been buying, renovating, leasing and selling homes.

Through this process it is our intent to create a "win-win" situation for everyone involved regardless of their
circumstances. With this philosophy, the end result leaves our customers with their "tough" situation behind
them giving them freedom to move on to a brighter future. It also gives us the opportunity to provide
newly remodeled homes for leasing and for home owners while improving neighborhoods.

(502) 451-6500 or 797-7900

Helping Good People In Tough Situations

Steven Lucas, Louisville, KY

"I was unemployed and in need of selling my house quickly. I had no time to list my home and wait on the normal delays that happen when selling a house. J.H. Properties, Inc. made one visit, sat down with me and worked out a solution. We agreed on a price and we closed on the home 4 days later"

Steven Lucas
Louisville, KY

Dennis Davis, Louisville, KY

"I inherited a home from a family member and tried to sell it in the normal conventional ways. After waiting over 2 months, I talked to J.H. Properties Inc. and got a visit that same day! We met on Tuesday and closed on Friday! It was the easiest real estate transaction I have ever been involved with. J.H. Prop. is easy to work with! Thanks!"

Dennis Davis
Louisville, KY

Sharon M. Gruber, Fisherville, KY

"My father had passed away and it was a very troubling time. Above that, I had 2 of his rental properties to manage which added much stress. After meeting with my representative from J.H. Properties, I immediately felt comfortable and appreciated his compassion for my situation. J.H. Prop. bought both properties. No hassle and did everything they said they would do!"

Sharon M. Gruber
Fisherville, KY

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